Comcast desires to switch out old bins for brand brand new ones

Comcast desires to switch out old bins for brand brand new ones

The Philadelphia Inquirer by Jonathan Takiff

Comcast wants your old cable field, demanding that you swap it away for a fresh one.

Initially, the pitch seems appealing. Would youn’t desire the added interactive features, much deeper mixture of cable and web stations, and sound control available these days utilizing the X1 platform and cable receivers? To get it, you are going to need to call it quits your box that is old your stash of championship game moments, comedy bits, favorite films, and never-to-be-rerun concert shows.

While tv receiver/DVRs from Dish system and DirecTV enable customers to go or store programs on an outside drive that is hard could be attached to a brand new receiver, that choice isn’t available with Comcast Xfinity or Verizon FiOS bins.

Relating to a Comcast source, there is no option to move tracks directly from an old model to a new one. But, just about 5 percent of clients nevertheless have actually the outdated boxes.

There is no appropriate recourse for the increased loss of past recordings. individual agreements which can be signed before activating devices hold that the maker or supplier cannot be held responsible for significantly more than the cost of the equipment if or if the item does not perform.

So which set-top boxes are increasingly being targeted? The reasonably older people (see below). Comcast’s local vice that is senior Jim Samaha recently sent a letter to those customers impacted.

Germantown, Philadelphia resident Tom Di Nardo ignored the initial few letters: «I’m constantly mail that is getting Comcast.» Then this previous weekend, warning communications began turning up on their television every 15 minutes declaring their solution had been going to be disrupted.

«Older containers like yours can not maintain with brand new features and can lose HD networks. Therefore we’d love to provide you with a brand new one.»

This removal of high-definition networks on older cable bins is going on because Comcast changed the real means it sends signals.

Initially, a few hundred stations were moved simultaneously through cable lines to a box that is set-top where customers tuned in to the people they desired. Now, utilizing the X1 platform and an even more refined MPEG-4 digital compression scheme, just the channel you have selected is streamed towards the cable field as a much smaller file.

That change that is radical up the bandwidth to carry additional HD and Ultra-HD networks and, more crucial, faster online sites that Comcast might have to count on if the trend to streaming video clip companies, like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and Amazon, continues. The brand new technology additionally provides much more recordable program storage, «in the cloud,» that won’t disappear completely in the event that you change bins again.

East Mount Airy, Philadelphia resident Elayne Bender has already been mourning the increased loss of favorite episodes for the Voice and «classic Saturday Night Live bits» that will vanish whenever she swaps out her present cable box.

Di Nardo, a longtime traditional music critic and writer, is bemoaning the 18 hours of this Metropolitan Opera’s Ring pattern – a $16 million homage to Wagner’s masterwork – he dutifully recorded on WHYY’s Y2 arts channel in hd.

In order for all is certainly not lost, he is now in the middle of copying those programs via a DVD recorder – an item that Toshiba, Panasonic, and Magnavox quit creating a few years back but could be present in limited quantities online. «The transfer to movie disk is time intensive – it offers to be achieved in realtime – therefore the image quality is standard meaning, perhaps not that good,» Di Nardo said. «But it beats recording the operas having a digicam or a smartphone held up while watching television display.»

Obsolete Comcast cable package models

DCH3416, DCT6200, DCH3200, DCT6412, DCT3416, DCT6416, DCT5100, DCH6200, DCT3412, and DCT6208. A $60 service fee will be charged if an installer is dispatched to your residence. However, when you can take action yourself, you spend absolutely nothing to get a totally free return label for the old field.

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